Weed Killer success at last!

Weed Tip: 

When weeds are showing their ugly and sometimes beautiful heads in our lawns it can be trying, but there are a few things that will help make your weed control more effective.
Leaf surface is key… Do not mow the lawn 2 days before applying a weed killer if it will cut off weed surface.
Granular weed killers need to stick to the leaf surface through moisture from wetting or morning dew before application.
Liquid weed killers can be applied while grass surface is dry, however both need to stay on the weeds for 24hrs without rain washing them off.  No mowing as well for 2 days after if possible!

Always read the product labels for any specific directions before application.

Crabgrass prevention before the problem occurs!

Crabgrass Prevention Help
Crabgrass prevention is easier than crabgrass removal. In the spring between April 1st and May 15th a pre-emergence crabgrass prevent should be applied to prevent and reduce crabgrass in your lawn for the current season. Crabgrass preventer is the first step in most 4 step lawn care programs for that reason. Areas that have been recently reseeded or need to be require different products.

Always read the product labels for any specific directions before application.

Holiday and Seasonal Lighting repair. Before things go dark!

Seasonal Light Maintenance

Try to replace any burned out bulbs as soon as possible on any of your seasonal and holiday lighted items. Many items including newer L.E.D. style lights require all bulbs to be functioning to keep the line voltage balanced. Ignoring burned out bulbs will shorten the overall life of the lighted decoration.